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Fierce Growth Masterclass

Hello beautiful!

Do you wake up every morning with dread? 


Wondering what happened to the life you had always imagined yourself living.

Wondering how you are going to make it through another day with that fake smile on your face.

Are you feeling empty, depleted of energy and useless and not sure how to break out of these feelings?

Are you feeling unsatisfied in your life and are desperately searching for a way to breath life back into your everyday?


When I started working with Samantha, I went from clueless to organized after two sessions! It was amazing. Our coaching sessions were always productive and informative. My blog posts went from barely noticed on social media to widely shared and commented on, which was an eye-opener for me. She even helped me grow my followers on social media. I think one of the most surprising outcomes of working with Samantha was getting awarded for my blog. Healing Black Women gave me the MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER in the Strength of Healing Awards.

Iris | Blogger at Goddess In Training Coaching

Samantha is without a doubt, a skilled professional, that not only offers results… she offers kindness, graciousness, and is so caring about her clients. Going through her program was such an amazing experience. One little email resulted in so much! I am now able to help my clients and am pursuing so much more than I had even imagined before finding her!

Iris | Blogger at Goddess in Training Coaching

Start YOUR Transformation

You are FINALLY ready to SAY YES to yourself and you landed on this masterclass.  I am so happy that you are here and I can't wait to help you START YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

I remember waking up every day wishing that I was someone else.  Wishing that I could hide under my covers all day because I just couldn't deal with my life.  It wasn't UNTIL I SAID YES to my healing that I finally began to wake up knowing that whom I was BECOMING was a WOMAN WHO WAS MEANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!

I created the Write Your Story masterclass as a way to show you how to create change in your own life.  Healing is 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and it is time that YOU STEP INTO YOUR POWER!

This masterclass focuses on 3 of the main themes of the healing process.




It is within these 3 themes where YOU will begin to see ALL of the CHANGES that you NEED and WANT to see in your life.

You will walk away with practical tools to help you get started in your healing journey.  


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To implement a healing plan that easily integrates into your everyday life.

To learn how to work through past traumas with unique healing methods.

To learn to step into the power of your past and use it to create the future of your dreams.

To learn how to start a successful blog that is based on your story.

To combine your healing journey with your blogging journey.

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Goals for this masterclass


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Go from feeling...









To feeling...

Content in where your life currently is.

Fulfilled in where your life is going.

Moving forward with a plan that's unique to you.

Worthy of the life that you dream of.

You have a plan to heal from your past.

You can now grab the recorded masterclass
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Fierce Growth Masterclass

Recorded version of the masterclass is now available for purchase.

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