What my clients love...

I am so in love with Samantha and the work she is sharing with the world.  She is changing the world for women by not only giving them a platform to share their stories of triumph and healing but teaching them how to get their stories out to the women who need to read them.

She is so much more than a blogging teacher.  She is a healing mentor and facilitator.  Samantha not only knows how to help you tap into the heart of your story and message but also how to understand and master the technology and marketing of your blog.  



Your brainstorming and ideas are worth time and money.


I had been planning to write a blog for a while and figured I knew what to do.  I had my purpose and audience and had been writing drafts and ideas down for over a year.  All I had to do was create something in Wix or Squarespace, right?  Was I ever wrong!!  I had NO idea about SEO, hex codes, social sharing and how it all related to blogging.  I didn't have a schedule or a plan beyond posting articles on Sundays.  Then I took Blogology.  There was an entire system behind the blogging scene about which I was completely ignorant.  I learned so much and now have a much more robust approach to my blog.  I am so glad that I took this course.



Samantha made such an impact, not only on my social media but my life!  I was ready to give up blogging and try again in the 9-5 world.  Not only is my blog profitable but I'm also branching into coaching too! Thanks so much, Samantha!!


Thank you!! I just binge-watched all your masterclasses and absolutely love how you broke everything down in such detail.  I know the full course will be mind-blowing.



Coaching with Samantha has been incredible.  She is patient, insightful, creative and passionate about what she does.  The journey was so much more than just starting a blog and working with Samantha is so much more than just working with a coach.  Her ideas are transformational, seriously.

Samantha's insight and problem-solving have saved me hours of time and stress.  I've learned more in the past 6 weeks than I've learned in some full semester classes.  If you are looking for wise, compassionate guidance and a ton of tools for your toolbox then this is the right place for you.